Rabbit User Guide

The term “Rabbit or Rabbit Card” as specified herein shall mean the electronic money as operated by Bangkok Smartcard System Company Limited (“Company”). Rabbit card is the only one smartcard in Thailand which can be used as a mean of payment for transportation fare such as BTS, BRT, Boats and Buses in Bangkok and big cities including pay for products and services at leading stores nationwide.

To perform a Process of Know Your Customer (“KYC”)
Before using Rabbit, it is required to complete a process of KYC as required by laws. The user can proceed a process of KYC via following channels:
1). BTS, BRT ticket offices at any stations
2). Rabbit Service Center at Siam BTS station
3). My Rabbit Application and complete the processes by yourselves.
Once the process is completed, it’s not necessary to do it twice.

How to Use Rabbit?
You can use Rabbit to pay for products and services by tap Rabbit on Rabbit reader of provider until the transaction is successfully completed.

Where to Use Rabbit?
Rabbit can pay for BTS and BRT fares including other transportation service provider such as boats and buses. It also can pay for products and services at leading merchants. For more information of participating merchants and other promotions please visit www.rabbit.co.th.

How to Top-Up Rabbit?
To top-up to Rabbit, you can do cash top-up at any BTS and BRT ticket offices or ticket vending machines or at any authorized Rabbit top-up provider. The top-up amount must be made in 100 Baht multiples or top-up by yourself via My Rabbit Application. The maximum value that can be stored on Rabbit is 4,000 Baht.

How to Check Remaining Balance in Rabbit?
You can check the remaining balance of Rabbit at any Rabbit service providers which accepted Rabbit or Rabbit top-up provider or My Rabbit Application.

If Rabbit is unreadable, what should I do?
If found that Rabbit is not workable or readable when you use Rabbit at participating merchants or transportation service provider, please bring Rabbit to BTS or BRT ticket offices or Rabbit Service Center (BTS Siam Station) or Rabbit Hotline: 0-2617-8383.

What to Do when Rabbit is Lost or Stolen?
In case of Rabbit is lost or stolen, you can suspend Rabbit at Rabbit Hotline: 0-2617-8383 The suspension of Rabbit will be effective after 24 hours from notifying the suspension to the Rabbit Hotline. The Company shall suspend the remaining balance on Rabbit only.

After the suspension of Rabbit has become effective, Company will refund only remaining balance on Rabbit the user who completed the KYC process. The Company shall not be responsible for the loss and damages of the Stored Value on the Registered Rabbit prior to the suspension is effective. The conditions of suspension will be complied with “Conditions of Issue” as designated by Company.

The suspension of Rabbit.
The Company may suspend Rabbit if it is suspected of being counterfeit, stolen, lost, or fraudulently issued or procured, or it is suspected that the remaining balance on the Rabbit has been fraudulently or illegally revalued, or otherwise subject to the Company’s decision. A fee may be charged to cancel the suspension of Rabbit.

How to Refund Remaining Balance in Rabbit?
You can refund the remaining balance in Rabbit at BTS, BRT ticket offices at any stations and Rabbit Service Center (BTS Siam Station). By refunding the remaining balance, you accept that the usage of such Rabbit shall be absolutely terminated.
If the remaining balance in Rabbit s negative, the remaining balance cannot be refunded. You must pay for the negative value before cancelling Rabbit. However, you can refund only remaining balance.

The Validity period of Rabbit
The validity period for Rabbit is 7 years. The Rabbit will be usable during the period as specified in the “Conditions of Issue” after such period, it will become expired. The conditions of using or refund remaining balance of Expired Rabbit will be complied with “Conditions of Issue”.

The Expired Rabbit which having no Movement of Stored Valued, The Maintenance Fee shall be charged by the Company on a yearly basis which each year shall be calculated from the latest date that the Company collect the Maintenance Fee and/or deduct the Maintenance fee from the Stored Value as specified in the “Condition of Issue”

Maintenance Rabbit

  • Place only one Rabbit over a Rabbit reader at a time.
  • Your Rabbit should not be removed from the Rabbit reader before the transaction is completed.
  • Rabbit should not be used with any other readers apart from the Rabbit reader.

Rabbit Hotline: 0-2617-8383
Rabbit Website: www.rabbit.co.th
Rabbit Card Facebook: Rabbitcard
Rabbit Rewards: Rabbit Rewards is the exclusive benefits program for any Rabbit Card. For information about Rabbit Rewards and registration details, please visit http://rewards.rabbit.co.th or contact Rabbit Rewards Call Center: 0-2150-0523