Rabbit Card for GUNDAM fans

The special GUNDAM model Card collection for individuals offers 2 imprint options; GUNDAM and ZAKU along with GUNDAM T-Shirt Limited Edition, original copyright from Japan, (Freesize, imprint option as on the cards), all of this for only 350 THB

And the big special prize, PLAMO PERFECT GRADE GUNDAM and ZAKU**.
2 items per prize (GUNDAM + ZAKU) total of 2 prizes. (**Read the registration details to join the prize draw further on http://bit.ly/Rabbitgundam or www.rabbit.co.th

Ticket sales are from 1 August – 31 October 2018 (or until out of stock) at the BTS ticket counters at each station or online on http://shop.dexclub.com/gundam-rabbit-card
*this price is the card price excluding the fees, deposits and the starting value of the Rabbit Card. The value must be added prior the activation and the card cannot be returned.
**The conditions are as determined by Bangkok Smartcard System Company Limited.