Phuket Rabbit Card

Rabbit joined forces with Phuket City Development (PKCD) to create the “Phuket Rabbit Card”.
Rabbit joined forces with Phuket City Development (PKCD), Phuket’s public transportations developer, to create the “Phuket Rabbit Card” for the convenience of the tourists and Phuket’s locals to shop without cash, emphasizing the “Smart Life in Smart City” in Phuket.

Conveniently travel from Phuket International Airport to the road along the beaches to Rawai beach with just a “Phuket Rabbit Card” to pay for the transportation fee of the Phuket Smart Bus with its 22 stops as follows;
• To Rawai: Travels from Phuket Airport to Rawai beach with 11 stops
• To Airport: travels from Rawai beach to Phuket Airport with 11 stops
The transportation fee is calculated by the distance, starting from 50 to 170 THB

Enjoy the convenient payments while in Phuket, because the “Phuket Rabbit Card” can be used as a payment at more than 60 leading shops all over Phuket such as McDonalds, Dairy Queen, The Pizza Company, Burger King, the Coffee Club, Bread Talk, Swensens, Sizzler, Family Mart etc. with the discounts from the joined merchants, making each payment more fun and less.

The Phuket Rabbit Card is available for purchase on every Phuket Smart Bus at the starting price of 300THB per card (100 THB Card Issue Fee and starting value of 200 THB) and in case the card is out of value, the refill is available at all branches of McDonalds in Phuket with the least value of 100 THB).

For Bangkok locals holding the Rabbit cards, don’t forget to bring your Rabbit Card when you visit Phuket, because every Rabbit Cards are valid in Phuket and the Phuket Rabbit Card sold in Phuket are also valid in Bangkok. Today, whether you are in Bangkok or Phuket, you can travel and make payments conveniently.

The Rabbit Card offers convenience both in making payments and traveling.