What is a Rabbit Card?

Rabbit Card is the first e-money services in Thailand that functioning across transits, retail networks, building services, and more

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Where to get Rabbit Card

  • Standard Rabbit Card is available for sales at all BTS Ticket Offices.
  • Condition of Issue
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Top Up

Top up Rabbit Card is easy.
Visit any BTS Ticket Office or any other Authorized Top-up Service Provider with “top up” sign displayed, add cash in multiples of 100 baht up to a maximum of 4,000 baht. Your cash will be instantly converted to stored value in your card.

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Where to Use Rabbit Card

Simply tag your card on our reader surfaces at any authorized transit partner or merchant. When you hear the “beep” sounds, the values of your money or trip will be automatically deducted from your card.

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Registration of Rabbit card

Ensure the remaining value stored in your Rabbit card if the unexpected situations, such as lost or stolen of Rabbit card occurred by

  • Register your Rabbit card
  • Report lost or stolen of Rabbit card through Rabbit Hotline
  • Request for refund of the remaining value stored according to the terms and conditions as specified by the Company

Please contact our Rabbit Service Center at BTS Siam Station from 8.00 AM – 7.00 PM daily or BTS ticket offices during working hours by presenting the following evidences and information:

  • Your Rabbit Card
  • Original of Thai citizen ID or, for foreigner, passport
  • Contact details e.g. telephone number or email address

For the applicant who is under 15 years old and having no Thai citizen ID, please present us the official birth certificate or household certification; or the guardian can register instead of the said applicant.
Please also see Terms and conditions